Dr. Anand

Here is a man, who has proved himself despite all odds in his life. Dr. Anand’s family moved to India in 1948. His father, Manohar Lal Anand, and the rest of the family got separated during the partition and were lucky to reunite after some time. Dr. Anand was three years old when he suffered from Polio in the left lower extremity. That was in 1945.
In 1948 when the family started their journey to India, his mother had him in his arms. The family was traveling in a truck which got stuck in the River, Ravi. A Pakistani soldier suggested to his mother that she could throw him away instead of carrying him with so much difficulty. Also, it will reduce weight in the truck which could then come unstuck. And, on top of it, she had 3 more children; so, she should have had no hesitation in getting rid of a disabled boy of 5 years. His Mother Krishna Kumari Anand, said, “I will die with him if my “OM” wishes. But one day you’ll see he will become a big person.” She could easily have got rid of her disabled son, but she was not an ordinary woman. She was courageous, brave and had immense heroic-qualities which Dr. Anand has inherited from her.
Another great gift to him from his mother is the unflinching faith in “OM.” She instilled in him power of Faith. She told Satish, “Have Faith in your OM and do your karma (work/duty). Everything else will follow.” It is this valuable lesson of life which has helped Dr. Anand.
Thereafter, he read a few books by great minds, including Swami Vivekananda. He recalls how profoundly he was influenced by Swami Vivekananda’s words: “To do your duty with honesty, sincerity, and faith in Almighty is the biggest worship of God.” He has always kept these golden words in his mind.
The values cherished today have come to Dr. Anand from his mother. Dr. Anand was born in Rawalpindi (now Pakistan) on October 21, 1942 to Manohar Lal Anand and Krishna Kumari Anand. He studied at Mhow, near Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India. He received his Medical education at Medical College, Gwalior to become a physician in 1965. In 1968, he went to the UK to do his residency program and finally got his MRCP in 1973. He came to the US in 1975 and worked as full time internist. He retired in 2009.
Dr. Satish Anand himself has been socially and professionally involved. He has been a member of
AAPI – QLI since 1995. He was its President and now sits on Board of Trustees. He was President of Federation of AAPI NY/NJ/CT. He is a member of Rajasthan Medical Alumni Association. Earlier, he was president of Gajra Raja Medical College Association. Dr. Anand’s contribution has been hailed by various organizations and institutions. In 2013, Rotary International honored him with The Humanitarian Award.
Married to Gitanjli Anand, the couple has two daughters, Aikta (married to Mukesh Sethi) and Vaishali (married to Amit Deshmukh) and are blessed with five grandchildren; Mukta & Aksha Sethi and Manav, Meera, & Milan Deshmukh