Shipping/Delivery Policy

Last updated December 29, 2023


1. Scope of Policy:

This Shipping/Delivery Policy applies to the services and memberships offered by AAPI of Queens and Long Island, a Not-for-Profit Organization.

2. Digital Products and Services:

AAPI of Queens and Long Island does not offer any physical or digital products for sale or delivery. Our primary offerings include memberships and event registrations, which are provided and managed digitally via our website.

3. Membership Services:

Upon successful registration or renewal of membership, members will receive confirmation and access to membership services electronically. No physical shipping is involved as all transactions and communications are conducted online.

4. Event Registrations:

For event registrations, attendees will receive all necessary information, including tickets and event details, via email. There is no physical delivery of tickets or related materials.

5. Donations:

Donations made to AAPI of Queens and Long Island are acknowledged via email. There are no physical products shipped or delivered in relation to donations.

6. Communication:

All communications regarding memberships, event registrations, and donations are conducted electronically via email or through our website.

7. Contact Information:

For any queries related to our Shipping/Delivery Policy, please contact us via email at [email protected].

We appreciate your involvement and support in our community and activities.

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