BOT Chair's Message

Raj Bhayani

Raj Bhayani, M.D.

I am honored and privileged to write this message and with sense of great pride and humility I accept the responsibility as the president of AAPIQLI for the year 2023.

Starting with a small group of visionary physicians of Indian origin in the summer of 1995, AAPI-QLI for formed with a goal of representing the interests of all physicians of Indian origin in Queens and Long Island area. With the dedication and commitment of the members, AAPIQLI has become the largest ethnic physician organization in New York, consisting of about 1000 members. It is the largest chapter of AAPI in the US.

The steadfast leadership and dedicated efforts from our visionary founding members, past presidents and the AAPIQLI leadership throughout all these years this organization not only stayed active, vibrant, responsive but also adopted to the changing times. Their effort remains a source of great pride and inspiration to all of us.

The main objectives of the organization are Education, Encouraging Research for students, Community service, Charitable work, Mentorship, Physician practice related issues and to involve culturally to celebrate the rich and diverse culture of India, along with recognizing their peers’ achievements.

Over the years AAPIQLI has provided cutting edge practice of medicine during our various monthly educational programs which concludes with our Annual CME Symposium along with research competitions to encourage medical research towards the end of the year. Releases monthly Newsletter to showcase our activities and provides useful and relevant medical information to our patron members. AAPIQLI has supported Medical Students of Indian Origin by sponsoring Summer Scholarships at the Hofstra Medical School for several years and continuing to do so. Helps to find internship opportunities for aspiring medical students and international graduates in the area and helps them with their admissions to residency programs.

As a service to the Community. AAPI-QLI conducts Health camps, Blood drives, provides free flu vaccines, eye care, dental care, and preventive medical care to the poor and needy in the community. We undertook obesity awareness campaigns in schools and for veterans of our nation. Even during the testing times of COVID, AAPIQLI continued to fulfill its objectives and spearheaded the community movement in collaboration with several local organizations to provide education, medications, supplied test kits/Masks to the people and provided food for the health care workers.

Every year AAPIQLI provides charitable contributions to numerous organizations, food kitchens, senior care centers and during any natural calamities. 

Culturally, AAPIQLI is an integral part of the society of Long Island. It engages in activities in collaboration with local cultural organizations such as IALI, AIA, TLCA, NYTTA etc. AAPIQLI members celebrate Diwali every year together on a grand scale.

In addition to fulfilling the above objectives this year AAPIQLI will be exploring the possibilities to coordinate with govt sponsored programs and explore to have our own meeting space. If possible, to have a research fellowship program for IMG in collaboration with other organizations.

AAPIQLI is a diverse, cohesive, traditional, forward-thinking organization and I am glad to be part of it.

With your guidance I look forward to one more successful and service-oriented year for AAPIQLI.

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